NEW – Scent detection classes!

Are you looking for a fun date night with your dog this winter?  We’re adding a new sport at Canine Campus – Introduction to sport detection. This is suitable for all dogs of all ages. The class covers introduction to competition scents, building hunt drive, reading your dog and handling basics.  This can be just for fun, or looking to move into competition.  Taught by a leading expert in the field, Karin Apfel

PPG Summit 2016 in Tampa Florida

ppg-logoThe Pet Professional Guild features…

Lucinda Glenny at the PPG 2016 Educational Summit Nov 10, 2016 at The Sheraton Tampa East in Florida USA.

Lucinda will be presenting her lecture Thursday, November 10 at 11 am in the Cypress Room.  The subject of her lecture will be “Roots of aggression. Temperament is not an empty slate; the effects of early learning on adult canine disposition”. See the poster below.

The 2016 Pet Professional Guild Summit is being held at the Sheraton Tampa East in Florida USA. The summit spans 5 days from Nov. 7th through 11th, and features 3.5 Days of Education, Networking & Force-Free Fun!

Visit their site for details on The location, presenter schedule, presenters packages, pricing, evening entertainment,  summit registration and more.


Puppy research by Lucinda featured on OVC website!

The research conducted for my MSc degree on the importance of puppy socialization and its effect on long term behaviour is now featured on the Ontario Veterinary College website!  This is such an honor, I am truly grateful!

The research highlights the positive impact that proper socialization can have for puppies and the significant effect that can be seen on minimizing aggressive behaviours.  It is an important topic for owners, breeders and those in the veterinary business to become familiar with, as the current beliefs still predominantly lean towards waiting until 16 weeks and all sets of shots before beginning socialization.  The sensitive stage is over at that point, and there are so many safe methods of socializing pups earlier.  The OVC itself now clearly states and trains new Veterinarians to encourage animals to be socialized 10 days after the first set of shots.  I am so proud that my research helped to accomplish this!

“The Importance of Puppy Socialization” on the OVC site.

Lucinda’s Thesis on Early Enrichment wins top award at US Annual Conference!

Puppies have a highly sensitive learning stage between 7 and 14 weeks of age – at a time when veterinarians in Canada are often recommending keeping them home.  Lucinda completed her Thesis on the positive impact of starting socialization as early as 10 weeks of age.  This is the recommended age by the US Veterinarian Board since 2008; Canine Campus has been following this protocol since 2009 and has had zero incidents of disease.  This Thesis was done for her BSc. in Psychology at York and followed 5 litters and measuring the different levels of reactivity at 5 months.  Lucinda is now pursuing her MSc. at University of Guelph and doing further research on behaviour and learning stages in dogs.  The Ontario Veterinarian College at Guelph is now also teaching their vets to start classes at this age.

At the American Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) annual conference in October, the work was judged against many other scientific studies and awarded first place!

Bring your puppy to Canine Campus and take advantage of our excellent curriculum and methods to help you create a wonderfully socialized animal that will be able to reach their full potential!

Canine Campus Voted #1!

Canine Campus win’s Readers’ Choice Award

We are very proud and grateful to our clients to announce that we were voted the number one facility in the Markham-Stouffville area for 2011!  All the staff at Canine Campus is dedicated to offering dogs and their owners a positive experience and we made a lot of changes in the past year to enhance our offerings.

We renovated and expanded, so that there’s much more room for training clients and offer the ability for the little ones to socialize in their own area, safely separated by a glass wall.  This allows all the dogs to get used to the sight of different sizes, without incurring safety issues of having them together off leash.

We are committed to keeping the size of our classes to a safe group – no more than 6 in training.  This ensures proper socialization and safety.

Thanks to all who voted for us!  Please come out and try our award winning services!

Winter Dog Training Classes!

  When the weather gets so cold that we don’t want to go out, it’s the perfect time to work inside with your dogs!  We offer classes at all levels, using positive reinforcement which result in a dog that  wants to work with you!  We have everything from Puppy Kindergarten to Agility for Fun – including Manners and Advanced/Canine Good Neighbor Courses.

We believe in the power of positive reinforcement methods and appropriate/non physical corrections.  We focus on teaching canine manners to help you achieve the dog that is a pleasure to have in your home and in the park. We use voice, toy play and the randomized treat to motivate and correct pups – no harsh methods. Classes at Canine Campus are recommended and attended by area vets, rescue organizations and breeders who all know that we provide small, quality training classes. Check out the training page for more info, or give us a call! 905-477-8092

In-home behavioural consultations


Many dogs find the world outside their home to be entirely too stimulating and therefore overwhelming. Maybe they react with inappropriate aggressive signals, or are just too excited and drag their owners to every person and dog passing by. Either way, it translates to a very uncomfortable walk for the owners and the more it happens, the more ingrained the behaviour becomes. The walk turns into a dreaded outing, instead of pleasurable time together.

Lucinda has been successfully working with these types of dogs for years now and is pursuing her Masters in the area of animal behaviour.   We start off with in home consultations, to determine the exact triggers for your dog and the methods most suited to assist them in adapting to the world effectively.  The course High Anxiety was developed specifically to address these issues and help owners learn to manage their dogs more effectively. It is so important to understand what your dog is feeling, anticipate their reaction and find a proper way to channel it.

Let us help you get that wonderful dog back that you brought home and make walking a pleasure again!

Vet recommended and backed up by exultant owners – we can help turn things around for you!

Contact Lucinda to set up your consultation today!

Puppy Kindergarten


Puppies don’t get their full set of shots until they’re over 20 weeks of age – so they aren’t supposed to go to any public place or interact with other puppies. The problem is that the ages form 8 weeks to 16 are the most formitive time in a puppy’s life.

One place that they can come safely is Puppy Kindergarten. We always freshly disinfect before the class and never allow any interaction with older dogs or their toys. This offers a fun, safe and positive environment to learn in with puppies their own age.

The kindergarten is geared for the 10 – 20 week old puppy who needs to learn some very important lessons. Some of these they can only learn from other puppies; bite inhibition in play, reading body language and proper play.

The families learn lots too, including proper handling, motivational training and how to manage all those puppy issues. Your puppy will be socialized with men, women and kids too – which is so important while they’re forming their opinion of the world.

Come prepared to get on the floor and play with some incredibly cute puppies – and take away a better socialized and trained member of your family!

Sonic Rules!! Animal Planet documentary


Sonic and I are very honored to have been selected by the Animal Planet to be featured in an upcoming series, “Breeder of the Pack”. The show follows us through our training regimen and as we hit the competitions looking to earn new titles for Kudos and Sonic. Incredibly stressful to not only be competing – but to have a camera crew following you!

The show first aired on September 2nd on the Animal Planet and has repeated over the last couple of months. It has now been picked up by mainstream TV, making it more accessible to everyone.

Since the show Sonic has gone on to earn his 6 MORE titles and many more 1st place wins, so he’s really rocking the competition! He’s even doing Agility now and winning there, so it just goes to show you – any breed can be trained to work with you!

Canine Campus has a Facebook page!


We’re on facebook now! Though I’ll continue to post news here in the news section, the Facebook page allows all of us to share pictures, links, notify others about causes and is just a lot more interactive! There’s a discussion box where you’re free to start a topic, you can post your cutest puppy pictures…have fun with it. So check it out at: Canine Campus Facebook

You can also do a search on facebook for Canine Campus to get to the main profile – the above is the “fan page” – both will have lots of news and info!