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Classes are STILL ON at the shop, despite York Region new stage 2 directives!  We are not affected and have extensive COVID protocols in place to ensure everyone’s safety.  We still have Zoom video consulting for Behavioural issues and for distance clients.

Classes meet once a week for the duration of the course, same time and day that you select.  No classes on long weekends

Please call 905-477-8092 or email us with any questions.

DISCOUNTED pricing for returning students!

Upcoming Class Schedule

Course Title
Start Date
# of Weeks
Course cost
Puppy Kindergarten Sunday, October 4       SOLD OUT 11:00-11:45 6 $205
Puppy Kindergarten Tuesday, October 13    SOLD OUT 6:45-7:30 pm 6 $205
Puppy Kindergarten Thursday, October 29   1 SPOT LEFT 6:45-7:30 pm 6 $205
Puppy Kindergarten Saturday,  November 7 9:30-10:15 am 6 $205
Puppy Kindergarten Wednesday, November 18 6:45-7:30 pm 6 $205
Puppy Kindergarten Sunday, November 15 noon-12:45 6 $205
Puppy Kindergarten Monday, November 30 6:45-7:30 pm 6 $205
Manners I Thursday, October 8    SOLD OUT 8:40-9:35 pm  7  $245
Manners I Wednesday, Oct 21      SOLD OUT 7:40-8:35 pm 7 $245
Manners I Monday October 19     SOLD OUT 8:40-9:35 pm 7 $245
Manners I Saturday October 24    Waitlist 10:30-11:25 am 7 $245
Manners I Sunday November 1 1 SPOT LEFT 2:30-3:25 pm 7 $245
Manners I Thursday November 5 7:40-8:35 pm 7 $245
Manners I Tuesday, November 17 7:40-8:35 pm 7 $245
Manners I Saturday November 21 1:00-1:55 pm 7 $245
Manners II/Intro Agility Wednesday, October 28 8:40-9:35 pm  7  $250
Manners II/Intro Agility Saturday, October 31 11:40-12:35 pm  7  $250
Manners II/Intro Agility Thursday, November 26 8:40-9:35 pm  7  $250
Manners II/Intro Agility Sunday, November 29 1:00-1:55 pm  7  $250
Advanced Obedience Tuesday, Aug 19 8:40 – 9:35 pm 6  $215
Tricks – Do more with your dog! Saturday, Sept 12 2:15-3:00 5 $175
Agility for Fun! Tuesday, November 2 8:40 – 9:35 pm 7 $250
High Anxiety class Wednesday,  Oct 7 SOLD OUT 8:45 9:35 pm 3 $185

Class prices are subject to HST

Inside shoes are mandatory, so that we don’t track salt and water into the training area. Thanks!

puppyjoySmall Group classes using only positive reinforcement and fear free methods.  Toys, treats and praise build your dog’s desire to work with you far better than dominance based methods!  Social interaction provided at all the entry levels and we go right through to Canine Good Neighbour – help your dog to be a well mannered pet with the best in training!

Puppy Kindergarten for 9 – 16 week old puppies at the start date.  The most important class you’ll ever do with your puppy! This period falls in the sensitive learning stage of 7 to 16 weeks, when it is critical to create positive social experiences for your pup.  A six week dog training course offering social interaction with pups  while teaching basic skills and commands. Extensive information regarding puppy behaviour, common issues and learning stages, so that you can start your pup off right!  We teach house training methods, managing jumping up and nipping, crate training as well as the light introduction of basic skills such as sit, down, come, leash walking.  This class is always the first class of the day, so that the facility is freshly disinfected with 6 pups per class.

Manners I  for 4.5 months to ANY age – no dog is too old to learn Manners!  We work on proper leash walking, speedy recalls, focus, consistent sits, downs and stays around distractions, as well as discussing how to manage all the standard training issues.  Most importantly – fading the food lure, so that they’re truly working for you – not the old, “treat or no trick” game!  Building a working relationship with your dog and improving their desire to listen to you.  Maximum of 6 dogs per class.

Manners II is the next level of learning manners, where we really taking it up a notch!  We start work on off leash behaviours, introduce the return to heel position, employing LOTS of distractions and really work the ability to put stays to practical use in the real world.  Introducing beginning levels of agility equipment as well, to add to the fun and challenge!  Maximum of 6 dogs per class.

Advanced Obedience/Canine Good Neighbour Course Geared for dogs  one year of age or close with a good level of training.  Fine tuning and introducing more advanced skills, while we raise the expectations for the dogs and prepare them for all distractions, including new dogs each week. This course is appropriate for those considering Therapy Dog work, or hoping to earn their Canine Good Neighbour certification.  During spring and summer months, this course is taught most weeks in local parks.  Maximum of 6 dogs per class.

Rally Obedience — the latest rage in competition! A seven week course in which pure bred or mixed breed dogs can work towards earning an official title. Lots of enthusiasm and interaction with your dog without the strict rules of obedience. A great way to build a wonderful bond with your mature, trained dog.  Maximum of 6 dogs per class.

Agility for Fun – Just like it sounds, we introduce all of the standard agility equipment in a fun and exciting way.  Great way to use training to keep your dog challenged and active.   Each piece introduced individually and gradually starting to sequence pieces together.  At the second level we start focusing on greater control, distance, working the dog from both sides and approaches.  Maximum of 6 dogs per class.

Tricks – Not just for Kids! – Do More With Your Dog!  Looking for something fun and not too stressful to do with your dog?  Work towards earning CKC recognized titles, or just for fun!  We’ll be working on the Novice and Advanced level tricks for a total of 12-15 skills and then have a show off extravaganza for graduation.   Maximum of 6 dogs per class

Scent Detection  Join us for an Introduction to sport detection class!  Suitable for all dogs, all ages. Covers introduction to competition scents, building hunt drive, reading your dog and handling basics. Any dog can learn this skill and it is a great way to build your bond with your dog and capitalize on their strongest drive.   Our certified Scent Instructor Karin Apfel will help you on your way to fun or titles – whatever you want!    Maximum of 6 dogs per class.

High Anxiety – Settling the Stressed Out Dog A course developed to address aggression, fear and anxiety issues in dogs over one year of age. Helping owners learn to manage their dogs effectively and understand the triggers that cause unwanted behaviours. Bringing back the dog you loved and making comfortable walks possible again! Maximum of 4 dogs per class.

IN HOME CONSULTATIONSSometimes classes just aren’t the right route and we’re happy to set up individual sessions to handle everything from behavioural issues to bringing home a new puppy.  Lucinda is focusing on Animal Behaviour for her research. at University of Guelph, Ontario Veterinary College, and brings current training methods and scientific expertise to understanding the root causes of behavioural issues.  Please contact us to arrange for a visit and determine the right training package for you.