In-home behavioural consultations


Many dogs find the world outside their home to be entirely too stimulating and therefore overwhelming. Maybe they react with inappropriate aggressive signals, or are just too excited and drag their owners to every person and dog passing by. Either way, it translates to a very uncomfortable walk for the owners and the more it happens, the more ingrained the behaviour becomes. The walk turns into a dreaded outing, instead of pleasurable time together.

Lucinda has been successfully working with these types of dogs for years now and is pursuing her Masters in the area of animal behaviour.   We start off with in home consultations, to determine the exact triggers for your dog and the methods most suited to assist them in adapting to the world effectively.  The course High Anxiety was developed specifically to address these issues and help owners learn to manage their dogs more effectively. It is so important to understand what your dog is feeling, anticipate their reaction and find a proper way to channel it.

Let us help you get that wonderful dog back that you brought home and make walking a pleasure again!

Vet recommended and backed up by exultant owners – we can help turn things around for you!

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