Puppy Kindergarten


Puppies don’t get their full set of shots until they’re over 20 weeks of age – so they aren’t supposed to go to any public place or interact with other puppies. The problem is that the ages form 8 weeks to 16 are the most formitive time in a puppy’s life.

One place that they can come safely is Puppy Kindergarten. We always freshly disinfect before the class and never allow any interaction with older dogs or their toys. This offers a fun, safe and positive environment to learn in with puppies their own age.

The kindergarten is geared for the 10 – 20 week old puppy who needs to learn some very important lessons. Some of these they can only learn from other puppies; bite inhibition in play, reading body language and proper play.

The families learn lots too, including proper handling, motivational training and how to manage all those puppy issues. Your puppy will be socialized with men, women and kids too – which is so important while they’re forming their opinion of the world.

Come prepared to get on the floor and play with some incredibly cute puppies – and take away a better socialized and trained member of your family!