Helping Anxious Dogs with Positive training


Thank you so much for the reactive training classes. We learned so much, and will continue to put into practice what you taught us. I have gone to numerous dog training classes and seminars  in Canada and the US over the years, but your class was quite simply the best! I can see why your dogs have won so many obedience titles.

Already we have made headway. Yesterday was the first day Henry didn’t go ballistic when another dog walked into the lobby of our building. He looked at the other dog, looked at me, and sat for treat. I gave him a treat because it was the first time he’s ever done that. Six weeks ago we never would have been able to take him on Yonge. The two times we tried it, he was a leaping, barking maniac. Now he pretty much ignores bikes and even motorcycles, which is amazing.

Sarah, Terry and Henry