Puppy research by Lucinda featured on OVC website!

The research conducted for my MSc degree on the importance of puppy socialization and its effect on long term behaviour is now featured on the Ontario Veterinary College website!  This is such an honor, I am truly grateful!

The research highlights the positive impact that proper socialization can have for puppies and the significant effect that can be seen on minimizing aggressive behaviours.  It is an important topic for owners, breeders and those in the veterinary business to become familiar with, as the current beliefs still predominantly lean towards waiting until 16 weeks and all sets of shots before beginning socialization.  The sensitive stage is over at that point, and there are so many safe methods of socializing pups earlier.  The OVC itself now clearly states and trains new Veterinarians to encourage animals to be socialized 10 days after the first set of shots.  I am so proud that my research helped to accomplish this!

“The Importance of Puppy Socialization” on the OVC site.