PPG Summit 2016 in Tampa Florida

ppg-logoThe Pet Professional Guild features…

Lucinda Glenny at the PPG 2016 Educational Summit Nov 10, 2016 at The Sheraton Tampa East in Florida USA.

Lucinda will be presenting her lecture Thursday, November 10 at 11 am in the Cypress Room.  The subject of her lecture will be “Roots of aggression. Temperament is not an empty slate; the effects of early learning on adult canine disposition”. See the poster below.

The 2016 Pet Professional Guild Summit is being held at the Sheraton Tampa East in Florida USA. The summit spans 5 days from Nov. 7th through 11th, and features 3.5 Days of Education, Networking & Force-Free Fun!

Visit their site for details on The location, presenter schedule, presenters packages, pricing, evening entertainment,  summit registration and more.


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