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Senior Trainer – Kathy Reynolds CPDT-KA

Senior Trainer –  Kathy Reynolds CPDT-KA brings a genuine love of dogs and empathy with people to her role as Trainer at Canine Campus. After many years in the Personnel Consulting field, she became a professional dog trainer and dog walker in 2010. Kathy has been successfully leading classes in Puppy Kindergarten and Manners with Canine Campus since 2014 and receives wonderful puppy parent reviews! She  became a certified trainer with the most prestigious and reputable group in dog training,  the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers.  This represents years of preparation and training, as well as commitment to ongoing learning in the field.  In 2015 she was also re-certified with the Walks ‘N Wags Pet First Aid course.
Her rescue dog Marshall has taught her how to deal with Reactivity issues as well as being a great guinea pig for obedience training!
In her spare time Kathy volunteers with the Speaking of Dogs rescue group, doing dog transports, helping to organize fundraisers and follow up with adopted dogs. She also continues her dog training education by regularly attending seminars given by experts in the field such as Dr. Ian Dunbar Dr. Suzanne Hetts, Dr. Sophia Yin, Dr. Jennifer Messer, Patricia McConnell, Sue Ailsby, and Kathy Sdao.Trainer –


Trainer  Andrea Ferguson-Jones

Trainer  Andrea Ferguson-Jones began her journey in dog training when her first dog, a Standard Schnauzer, came home in 2000.  In 2010, Andrea’s third Standard Schnauzer, Ryder, joined the family.  After many challenges with her previous dogs, Andrea was determined to be a better trainer for Ryder.  She has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to train in person and online with Sue Ailsby, Hannah Branigan, Denise Fenzi, Deb Jones and Amy Cook.  Their influence has helped Andrea become a trainer who places the emotional state of the dog above all else and someone who continuously tries to adapt to give the dog the best opportunity to build confidence and learn.  This philosophy has been supported by their in person agility instructor, Gary White, who helped Andrea and Ryder complete his Agility Trial Champion of Canada title at the age of 5.  Ryder has also completed his Excellent Canadian Association of Rally Obedience title with two out of three scores being perfect 200s.  Ryder has also introduced Andrea to trick training with a focus on tricks that are entertaining as well as good for conditioning work and competition warmups.  He has completed his Advanced Trick Dog title.  In addition to Ryder, Andrea shares her home with her husband and their black Standard Schnauzer puppy, Caber who is having lots of fun training agility and obedience foundations.


Trainer Arlene Kotick

Trainer Arlene Kotick brings over 25 years of training experience to Canine Campus. Her logical and compassionate approach to training puts her clients at ease and helps them to achieve great results.  Students love her!

Arlene is an active member of Therapeutic Paws of Canada with two of her dogs. She is currently studying sign language at the Bob Rumble Centre for the Deaf, giving her the ability to communicate with deaf students that may come into class

Arlene loves to work with her own dogs and has successfully competed in many obedience trials and flyball competitions. Her beloved companions – Saydee-Rose (Bulldog), Truffles and  (Chinese Cresteds) Many of her past dogs have been stars of stage and screen appearing in many popular television commercials, movies and ads.