Lucinda’s Thesis on Early Enrichment wins top award at US Annual Conference!

Puppies have a highly sensitive learning stage between 7 and 14 weeks of age – at a time when veterinarians in Canada are often recommending keeping them home.  Lucinda completed her Thesis on the positive impact of starting socialization as early as 10 weeks of age.  This is the recommended age by the US Veterinarian Board since 2008; Canine Campus has been following this protocol since 2009 and has had zero incidents of disease.  This Thesis was done for her BSc. in Psychology at York and followed 5 litters and measuring the different levels of reactivity at 5 months.  Lucinda is now pursuing her MSc. at University of Guelph and doing further research on behaviour and learning stages in dogs.  The Ontario Veterinarian College at Guelph is now also teaching their vets to start classes at this age.

At the American Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) annual conference in October, the work was judged against many other scientific studies and awarded first place!

Bring your puppy to Canine Campus and take advantage of our excellent curriculum and methods to help you create a wonderfully socialized animal that will be able to reach their full potential!

Training fear aggression into confidence


“Canine Campus is absolutely amazing, and Lucinda is a very incredibly talented trainer and coach to both My American Bulldog Kush and to me.  Her knowledge, confidence, support, and her genuinely caring are really inviting and beneficial for both of us.

I rescued Kush from a bad situation at 6 months old.  At the beginning I was told that it was less than a 50/50 as to whether he would have to be put down because of his aggressiveness towards humans and other dogs.  Lucinda did home visits and gave me great training methods on how to deal with an extreme case like him.  She invited us to participate in High Anxiety and that was the beginning of turning him into such a happy, smart, obedient, and more confident dog, and turning me in to a better leader for my boy.  He has since completed Manners 2, as well as Agility for fun, and we are enrolled in Advanced in the Park, which we are really enjoying!

Her training methods are spectacular, and frankly I believe that no one else would have had the same outcome with both of us that Lucinda has had, and it really is because she cares so much about the success of the dogs and the people in her classes.  Canine Campus has two rooms separated by a glass wall, which is super because when Kush needed a mental break to shake things out, he could go in the second room and not miss any of the class.

Thank you to Lucinda and her team for taking the time to work with Kush,  not only saving his life, but also being so important in manifesting an amazing dog/owner bond that is the greatest feeling in the world

The smile on Kush’s face, which I never saw until I worked with Lucinda, really says it all!  – Cedric Fortin”

Winter Dog Training Classes!

  When the weather gets so cold that we don’t want to go out, it’s the perfect time to work inside with your dogs!  We offer classes at all levels, using positive reinforcement which result in a dog that  wants to work with you!  We have everything from Puppy Kindergarten to Agility for Fun – including Manners and Advanced/Canine Good Neighbor Courses.

We believe in the power of positive reinforcement methods and appropriate/non physical corrections.  We focus on teaching canine manners to help you achieve the dog that is a pleasure to have in your home and in the park. We use voice, toy play and the randomized treat to motivate and correct pups – no harsh methods. Classes at Canine Campus are recommended and attended by area vets, rescue organizations and breeders who all know that we provide small, quality training classes. Check out the training page for more info, or give us a call! 905-477-8092