Behavioural Consulting – Private in person & Zoom

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Private In home and Zoom Consulting Sessions 



Please call 647-883-1597 or email consult@caninecampus.ca to receive the appropriate home profile form.  Let’s get started on helping your dog live their best life!

Lucinda specializes in working with behavioural issues and is dedicated to helping them overcome their fears and anxieties – the root cause of most aggressive behaviours.  Her science based methods ensure that the best possible results will be achieved.

Initial Behavioural Consultation

The initial consultation is a 1.5 hour meeting, where we will work on a personalized hierarchy of concerns that you are experiencing with your dog(s). These concerns determine whether it is best have the meeting by Zoom, or in the home and neighbourhood so that we are addressing the real world problems where they happen.

Prior to the consultation, a detailed home profile form will be completed and returned. This allows Lucinda to have a good feel for the situation prior to our visit, maximizing our productivity.  Immediate tips and feedback can often be provided based on the information on the completed form, so details are important!

Once the profile has been reviewed, Lucinda will then ask  for brief video clips in advance of the visit or call, that will provide her more crucial information on body language, triggers in the environment, and interactions with different family members.  Video will not ask for of visitor interactions, or high value resources, even if these are areas of concern; we do not want the dog practicing undesired behaviours, including fear or aggression induced ones until we have appropriate management techniques in place. It is critical to have a solid understanding of the situation in order to recommend next steps.

The success level at turning around fear and anxiety based behaviours is such that rescue groups, Vets, breeders and the OSPCA refer their cases to Lucinda.  Let me help your dog!

Zoom Video Consulting
Zoom video consulting is a highly effective way to help owners address concerns over their dog’s fear, anxiety or aggressive issues.  It allows Lucinda to observe the dog’s behaviour in their natural environment without her presence being a factor.  Often the presence of a trainer can change the dog’s behaviour and this virtual format helps me see the normal interactions as they happen.  The interactive video call gives us the ability to set up situations and address concerns that happen on a daily basis.  The bonus is that the visit is recorded to be reviewed by family members at a later date!

Whether in your home live or by video conferencing, we will have a comprehensive look at the family dynamic, household training methods, living situation for the dog and a review of equipment currently in use. Lucinda will assess each area of concern and use this to develop you personalized training plan that addresses each area. It is important that as many current family members that interact with the dog be available at the time of the consultation, including other pets. This allows us to build the critical consistency in methods of interacting with the dog. We want to help your dog be successful!

Lucinda is a Certified Behavourist, and as such, the assessment may also be provided as necessary to your Veterinarian to prescribe appropriate medication.

For a video call, you will need solid wifi reception and ideally a laptop or tablet for the conference. We want to be able to be mobile in the home and into the yard and have a large enough screen to capture that relevant area. The conference should take place in an area in the home where your dog is usually with family.

Next steps

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to start the consultation process.

After the consultation, a comprehensive assessment will be completed by Lucinda, including analyzing the behaviours observed, methods to start to change them and training skills to be working on.

From there we will either set up a series of visits addressing each area of concern per visit, or move into the small group class. As we progress, the exercises will be modified to increase success and help the dog more fully understand how they can be more comfortable and confident in the different real world scenarios. We only increase difficulty levels as they are able to do so!  Calm success is our goal!