Training Facility in Markam Area

Puppy Kindergarten

For puppies 9 – 16 weeks old at the start date.  Includes:

  • Social interaction with pups
  • Addresses common puppy issues like house training, home set up, jumping and nipping
  • Basic skills including sit, down, come and leash walking  
  • Puppy Kindergarten classes are always the first classes of the day, so that the facility is freshly disinfected


Manners I 

For dogs 4.5 months and up – no dog is too old to learn Manners!

  • Learning to ignore distractions and increase focus
  • Leash walking skills including heeling and proper loose leash behaviour
  • Reliable recalls and solid stays
  • Basic cues and reducing the frequency of food rewards
  • Building a stronger bond with your dog and improving their desire to work with you

Manners II

For dogs 8 months and up; Manners I is a prerequisite.

  • Maintaining your dog’s focus with increased distractions
  • Advanced skills including return to heel
  • Introducing beginning levels of agility equipment including weaves, jumps, table and tunnels, to add to the fun and challenge!