Training Facility in Markam Area

Puppy Kindergarten

For puppies 9 – 16 weeks old at the start date.  Includes:

  • Social interaction with pups
  • Addresses common puppy issues like house training, home set up, jumping and nipping
  • Basic skills including sit, down, come and leash walking  
  • Puppy Kindergarten classes are always the first classes of the day, so that the facility is freshly disinfected


Manners I 

For dogs 4.5 months and up – no dog is too old to learn Manners!

  • Learning to ignore distractions and increase focus
  • Leash walking skills including heeling and proper loose leash behaviour
  • Reliable recalls and solid stays
  • Basic cues and reducing the frequency of food rewards
  • Building a stronger bond with your dog and improving their desire to work with you

Manners II

For dogs 8 months and up; Manners I is a prerequisite.

  • Maintaining your dog’s focus with increased distractions
  • Advanced skills including return to heel
  • Introducing beginning levels of agility equipment including weaves, jumps, table and tunnels, to add to the fun and challenge! 


    Thank you so much for the reactive training classes. We learned so much, and will continue to put into practice what you taught us. I have gone to numerous dog training classes and seminars  in Canada and the US over the years, but your class was quite simply the best! I can see why your dogs have won so many obedience titles.

    —Sarah, Terry and Henry

    Thanks so much to Canine Campus. Our private lesson with you was invaluable. You gave us such hands on, useable training strategies for overcoming our dogs “misbehaviors”. We were really in need of help, and thanks to you we are now working towards a far happier environment in our home. We found your help so useful that the whole family now comes to weekly manners training. I would highly recommend Canine Campus.”

    —The Florencia Family and Telly

    We are first time dog owners and discovered through Canine Campus that Angus has a dominant personality. Thank you Lucinda for teaching us how to deal with this in a positive and effective way. The classes were incredibly informative and helpful, but above all, they are great fun and a wonderful way to socialize your dog. Lucinda’s knowledge of dogs and behavior patterns in different breeds is exceptional.

    Kathryn Gibson

    Behavioural Consultations

    When group classes aren’t the right option!

    Lucinda specializes in working with fear, anxiety and aggression issues and is recommended by vets, rescue groups,  and breeders  to help solve the most difficult situations.

    Many dogs find the world outside their home to be  overwhelming. Walks turn into a dreaded outing, instead of pleasurable time together. Lucinda has 40 years successfully helping troubled dogs build confidence in their world.

    Let us help you get your wonderful dog back, the one you brought home.

    Location, Phone & email

    1 Laidlaw Boulevard, Unit 3,
    Markham, On, L3P 1W5
    (Northeast corner of Laidlaw & Hwy 7)
    tel. (training) 905-477-8092