Breeder of the Pack!

 BREEDER OF THE PACK! Lucinda featured on Animal Planet documentary, ”Breeder of the Pack”!

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Animal Planet contacted Lucinda about doing a documentary on her history as a trainer and breeder of champion show and obedience dogs. Five breeders in Canada were chosen to be part of the series, so it was quite an honor. When they first called, I thought it was just a prank – it took a moment to realize that they were serious!


They followed our training routine for a week, including filming at a competition, capturing a training class, out for walks in the woods and our normal at home routine. It was an unbelievable amount of footage to create one half hour show – I certainly wouldn’t want to do it on an ongoing basis.

The crew was very thorough and professional, but it took a bit to get the dogs used to all of the commotion and cameras around them. They wanted us to keep to repeating activities over and over so that they could capture exactly what they wanted on film. Sometimes I had to just say no, because it got confusing for the dogs when they’d done something perfectly and I kept asking them to do it again. Hard to convince the producer that though it made for better TV, it didn’t work well for training!

Despite all the stress, Sonic and Kudos both came through and did a great job – they look so cute onscreen!